Sediment Transport Database

Brigham Young University - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The processes involved in bedload sediment transport are complex and difficult to quantify. Field measurements provide insight and a chance to improve predictive methods. This web site presents a comprehensive database that contains more than 15,000 observations from nearly 500 datasets of bedload sediment transport. Observations were compiled from published sources, author responses to queries, and personal visits to offices. Each entry has been checked twice for accuracy against the original data and converted to a common set of units. The database contains sections for sample descriptions, discharge and transport data, channel and bankfull characteristics, surface and subsurface grain size distributions, and where possible, stream classification descriptors. Discharges range from far below to several times bankfull values. The database is freely available to the public and may be accessed via direct download and through WaterML based web services from this BYU World Water Data Sediment Transport Database portal. The intent of this database is to provide useful data to researchers as they continue to investigate bedload transport processes. Data can be added to the database by contacting the authors.

HydroServer Lite is an online software tool that helps store, organize, and publish data. We have deployed this instance of HydroServer Lite with all of the streamflow and sediment bed load data contained in the Excel sheet below. Note that if dates appear as "1899" this is because no date is provided by the original source and hence is also not included in the Excel file.

To learn more about this database and this project, contact Dr. Rollin H. Hotchkiss (rhh@byu.edu) or Dr. Darren Hinton (DHinton@nhcweb.com).

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BYU_Bedload_Data_v1.1.xlsx Last Updated: 12 February 2016


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