Central American Pilot

There does not currently exist a standard for the storage of hydrologic and climate data on an international scale.  Each data collection entity decides for themselves how to store and manage their own collected data. The current diversity in data management practices is heavily influenced by the lack of any enforced standard but also by the diversity of proprietary data storage solutions and the economic considerations involved with their implementation.  The motivation behind the creation of a web based data management system is to provide an open source alternative to these proprietary database options.  This alternative will bypass the economic and technical barriers to implementation that currently exist.

In April 2013 for the Organization of American States (OAS), Dr. Jim Nelson presented the Spanish language version of the HydroServer Interactive Web Client. This resulted in new HIS related partnerships with representatives from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. These partnerships build upon an existing relationship with INDRHI, which is also working to implement HydroServer Interactive Web Client, in the Dominican Republic. These new relationships are vital to the further development and evolution of this software.

A pilot program to implement the HydroServer Interactive solution for organizations in these countries is currently in its early stages. A spanish language version of the software has been produced and will be deployed within these organizations. A server and database are being hosted at Brigham Young Unversity to facilitate demonstration and utility of this new software. The goal is that from these partnerships, others will be formed and use of HydroServer Interactive will expand as the software improves through this cooperative international effort.